About Boz Design™  

Boz Design™ is a product development company with core
competencies in Discovery, Design and Delivery Management.
Our commitment is to produce only the highest quality
products for the automotive industry.

Our products are known for innovative designs and creative
approaches to solving common problems. Our projects
differentiate themselves through better design by advancing
the form, functionality and aesthetic appeal. We pride
ourselves in pushing the envelope while maintaining the
harmony of function and form. Our flagship product, the
BOZ BOX™, is a good example of this:

  1. Superior Design - The innovative design of the
BOZ BOX™ advances the form and functionality by
serving both as a secured storage locker or a bed
extender. Further differentiating itself, the BOZ BOX™
can be removed in seconds and collapsed for easy
2. Superior Quality - Through the use of proprietary
state-of-the-art materials and engineered design, the
BOZ BOX™ is nearly indestructible.
3. Superior Aesthetics - Installed, the BOZ BOX™ enhances
the look of your truck. While sensitive to the latest
design trends in the automotive industry, the BOZ BOX™
has a look that is architected, with lines and structure
that are meaningful to its purpose.

At the core of our business model is our proprietary product
development life cycle. It starts with a continuous evaluation
of new ideas that provides an emphasis on innovation and
creative design. Our Design and Delivery methods are
characterized by the use of leading technologies and executing on proven management disciplines.

Leading edge industrial and mechanical design expertise along with extensive experience in manufacturing, sales and
distribution allows Boz Design™ to produce a higher quality
product faster through “best-of-breed” sourcing. This allows us to seek out the best design team, manufacturer and distributor for each individual product. As a result, we work with the critical few who are doing the best work in their chosen discipline throughout the industry. By providing world class Design Skills and Life-cycle Management, we ensure that our commitment to creativity and quality results is guaranteed. Our commitment is to produce only the highest quality products for the automotive industry.

Michael D. Bozarth
President & CEO